D2L Overview

My Home

The first page that you will see after clicking on the Online Course Access link in CougarTrack is the D2L homepage, called My Home. Watch this page for session dates and other important information. You can click on the CC logo in the upper left corner to access this page from anywhere in the online course environment.

Main Navigation Bar

The main navigation bar can be found on the My Home page, and includes the following:

Accessing Your Course

To access your online course, click on the course tile under the My Courses widget on the My Home page.

The My Courses widget automatically pins courses that you currently have access to. The course tiles will show the total number of unread activites in the course, such as unread discussions posts or unread dropbox feedback. When you go to the course homepage, the updates widget will display more details.

Setting Preferences

You may set font, discussion and email preferences for your online courses. To set preferences, choose Account Settings from your personal menu.

Fonts can be changed on the Account Settings tab. Use the drop down menu under Font Settings to set the preference. To set discussion viewing preferences, choose the Discussions tab and select the preferred view. To set email preferences, select the Email tab. Press Save and Close at the bottom to record preferences.